One of the most exciting jobs was working on Coronation Street in Manchester. I was asked to be in several different scenes, all filmed at the hospital at the time Tina was expecting her baby - this proved to be a really controversial and emotionally fraught storyline, watched by millions. So even if you're only walking down a corridor, or being an anonymous face in the crowd, it's great to be part of such a popular production and to spend time on one of the most famous streets in British soaps ever!

I've had a quite a few days' work on another soap, Emmerdale. It often all starts at the studios in Leeds, but you might be needed to shoot scenes anywhere in the region. On one day, a busload of us was whisked down the motorway to film scenes at the airport in Doncaster. As holiday passengers, we had to take casual 'travelling' clothes, hand baggage and our passports... but sadly never got to board a plane!

Another time, all the Emmerdale 'action' was at a luxurious country house hotel, so we had to go armed with a selection of our smartest attire. You're always given guidance on what clothes to bring, and are expected to take a selection of outfits that the wardrobe team can inspect, and approve (hopefully!). I took a floaty skirt and dressy shoes. But I didn't think about the 'clack-clack' noise they'd make across a marble foyer floor, so ended up having little pieces of gaffer tape wrapped around the heels!