From the lap of luxury, to cagoules and hiking boots on an isolated moorland. That was the location for a crime drama that's still in production. But once again, I found myself in a minibus full of strangers, being driver higher and higher up into the moors to one of the most desolate spots I'd ever seen. I can't divulge the story line, but suffice to say, although there were no mod cons on hand (certainly no catering buses here, no stars' trailers and no toilet truck…!), a Landrover emerged from the mist early in the afternoon, packed to the gunnels with one of the most welcome feasts we'd ever seen - the driver had trekked back down to civilisation to buy sandwiches, cakes, crisps, sweets, drinks and fruit for our late lunch. That was a great day.

Pubs are always warmer, if you've got to sit around for a while. But don't expect to be boozing. We filmed scenes for DCI Banks and the BBC's Truckers series in very different hostelries, and the 'tipples' we were given as props were usually watered down cranberry juice or completely alcohol free white 'wine'. Mmmmm!

You might have caught the brilliant ITV drama Love and Marriage, starring Alison Steadman? A lot of that was filmed at the Ricoh Stadium in Coventry, where a group of us had to dress up as secretarial/PR staff. Our scenes took several days to film, sometimes sitting by the pitch or standing on the terraces. Two of us got the chance, as 'PR girls', to walk out behind the 'team' as they emerged from the tunnel out onto the pitch. That warmed us up a bit..!

Most recently, a group of us (including quite a few retired police officers now working as extras…) have returned several times to play detectives on the set of a new ITV crime series,'Prey', starring John Simm. Once again, the cast, crew and production team have been fantastic, and the storyline's gripping. Extras usually just walk or sit in the background, but I got the chance to say a few words in my first 'speaking part' on this one - can't wait to see if I make it to air!